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Linda was a finalist in the Kennal Club KCAI trainer of the year 2015 & Will be Judging Good Citizen and Crufts 2024
Mon 1 January

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Mon 1 January

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How we can help!

  • Home Guidance
  • Recall Problems
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Over boisterous behaviour
  • Undesirable Behaviour
  • Noise Nuisance
  • Nervous/Phobias
  • Separation Problems
  • Aggression

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Trainer Tips

Never be afraid to seek help with problems. They can be easier to resolve if the dog has not had too much time to practise the undersirable behaviour!


Is training necessary for young puppies, should they grow up a bit first?
It is best to start your dogs training as soon as possible to ensure they get into good habits, the sooner the better, ideally before 16 weeks of age.

I am told I should socialise my dog should I let it play with other dogs?
Socialising is a key part of development but this is not done by letting dogs play together. Playing with unsuitable role models could develop bad habits, cause injury or cause a dog to experience bullying or become a bully.

Are cages or crates cruel?
No, if used correctly they are a safe haven.

Do I need a dog tag if my dog is micro chipped?
YES, it is the law that dogs in public, which includes inside a car, have, at least, the owners name and address clearly displayed on the dog’s collar.

How much exercise does my dog need?
Physical Exercise: As a rough guide for puppies 5 minutes per month of life, but this should be carefully supervised to avoid damage to growing joints. With an older dog, providing they are fit, at least 20 minutes. Mental Exercise: Within reason unlimited

Are certain breeds dangerous with children?
All dogs have the potential to bite and so care must be taken with any dog around children. Children can be unpredictable and dogs only have their voice or teeth if they are put under stress or hurt. If you cannot properly supervise any dog with children they must be separated, for safety

Are some breeds un-trainable?
There is no such thing as an un-trainable breed, though some breeds can take longer than others. However if a dog has developed a very strong bad habit, that it really enjoys, it can be extremely trickyor impossible to retrain it, so it may need better management.

Is it OK for my dog to be loose in the car when it is moving?
In the eyes of the law a dog on the front seat or in certain areas of the car could be considered an ‘unsafe load’. Common sense is key – just as a back seat passenger, without a seatbelt on could kill or seriously injure the driver or front passenger. A dog could do the same. It is much safer for you and your dog to be secured on the floor, have a seatbelt harness, be caged or be behind a guard.

Most of the time my dog is good but easily distracted, does it need training?
Yes, reliability is the key to a socially acceptable pet. An easily distracted dog could cause an accident or come to harm.

When can my dog be left with the run of the house?
Our advice is ‘Never’ - the more space a dog has the more ‘responsibility’ it is given. This can cause leadership issues, territorial barking, house soiling etc.